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Teak Bung Repair -- Pete McGonagle, Swiftsure Yachts
  1. Remove the screw.
  2. Seal the screw hole in the fiberglass with a few drops of epoxy.
  3. Drill out the screw bung hole with a 3/8" flat "pointed" drill bit to an adequate depth -- 1/4" or more.  Don't
    worry about making the hole too deep as the wood is now being held down by the adhesive sealant
  4. Us 10mm bungs.  Hammer them in with the grain aligned with the decking.  The 10mm to 3/8" hole will
    provide a tight interference fit.
  5. Saw off the excess bung with a "Vaughan" Bear Saw BS250D-made in Japan.  This flexible, fine-toothed
    saw is perfect for sawing the bung flush with the deck and leaving very minimal sanding.
  6. Sand with 80 to 100 grit paper to smooth.

    Note:  Don't put the screw back into the hole.  This will allow a much deeper hole and thicker bung.  As
    long as the adhesive sealant under the teak is in good condition and doing its job, the screws are