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Selected Products I Like and Upgrades I'd Recommend
SwissTech Boat Hook with Mooring Ball Retrieving Hook
    An incredibly handy set-up for tying up to a mooring ball when the mooring does not have a retrieval post.

Custom Stern Pulpit Extension
    Great job by Svendsen's Metal Shop.  Provides lots of valuable space on the stern for all the stuff you need a place to hang.

Custom Dorade Guards
    Another great job by Svendsen's Metal Shop.  Custom cages for the stern deck dorades provide a great handhold when moving
    around on the stern deck.

Night Lighting
    You need red lighting below decks and in the cockpit to preserve your night vision on offshore passages.  I found red bipin 12v
    xenogen bulbs for the Meta lighting fixtures that work great.  Plus, I replaced certain fixtures with Alpenglow marine lights, and
    installed red LED courtesy lights in several foot areas in the salon and galley.  Dr. LED makes a nice nav station light that
    provides selectable white or red light.

Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite Software
    I can't say that I've done a side-by-side comparison, but I've used this nav software for years and have been pleased with the
    results.  HOWEVER, the revision available as of 8/2007 crashes spontaneously.  I hope they fix this quickly.  Also, be aware that
    the chart kits are very expensive.  

Garmin GPS
    I have used Garmin GPS units for years and always been happy with them.  I added a 492C unit at my helm and have been
    delighted with the utility and performance.  The built-in charts are a big plus and it integrates well with the Nobeltec software.

Dual Racor Fuel Filter Unit for Auxiliary Engine
    Haven't yet had to actually rely upon the available filter redundancy that is available by simply turning the valve handle, but the
    piece of mind is very comforting.

Wireless 4-Zone Temperature Gauge with Clock by Radio Shack
    Easy installation because it is wireless and battery operated.  Monitors ambient, fridge, freezer and engine room temperatures.

3-Way Shower Liquid Dispensers
    Just a convenience, but very nice in both showers.

Custom Below-Sole Storage
    Woodwork by Svendsens below the cabin sole and in the bow v-berth storage area to create a protective barrier around ducting,
    hydraulic components and bow thruster.

Chain Stopper and Deck Guard
    You need to use snubbers to manage the load on the chain, but very comforting to have a rock-solid chain stopper backing
    everything up.  Deck guard keeps the anchor and chain rode from banging on the nice teak deck.

Preventer Lines Rigged to Boom
    Lines affixed to the aft of the boom and led forward to a horn cleat on the boom near the gooseneck.  Makes it very easy to rig a
    preventer, even when the boom is already out.  Per Beth Leonard's book.

Sailors Solutions Stainless Steel Cup Holder
    A nice convenience, located on the binnacle

Sailors Solutions Disposable Propane Tank Holder
    A great way to safely store those disposable propane tanks.  Affixes nicely to the extend stern pulpit.

ShipModul NMEA Bluetooth Multiplexer
    Ultimately, you end up wanting the instruments to talk to each other and the computer.  This expensive ($450) device accepts
    multiple NMEA inputs, and combines them into a single communication stream that is available to a PC via Bluetooth or via NMEA
    outputs to multiple other devices.  An example benefit is that the Nobeltec Sailing software package can read not only GPS, but
    also instrument information to facilitate real-time benefit from the boat's polars.  Easy to set up and use, and works extremely well.

Custom SS Dingy Gas Tank Holder
    Gasoline storage is a problem on boats.  A custom rack mounted to the extend stern pulpit provides easy and safe storage for
    the 6 gallon Tempo gas tank.

All Line Runners
    Replacement of wire runners and heavy tackle with high tech, all-line runners, including blocks leading to cockpit winches.

ATN Top Climber
    Very handy rig for going to the masthead by yourself.  Works well and I did not find it hard to ascend.  Only drawback is that the
    line you are ascending on needs to be at an angle to the masthead so much of the climb you are away from the mast.  This is
    fine if you are doing masthead work, but not if you need to work on the first set of spreaders, for example.

MastMate System for Going Up the Mast
    Another very handy solo rig for going up the mast.  This one is a webbing loop ladder that is affixed to the mainsail track, or in my
    case, the spare track on the mast.  Use the topping lift to pull on end to the head of the mast head and then simply climb up.  
    MastMate also sells a belt that wraps around the mast to provide additional security.

ATN Spinnaker Sleeves
    A very nice rig to even single-handedly manage flying and dousing large spinnakers.  I have on one for both my heavy air
    spinnaker and my light air asymmetrical spinnaker.  Don't forget the ratchet block to aid in handling the control line.

Companionway Workbench
    3/4" plywood that rests on companionway step and block mounted to wall behind stairs.  Creates a nice workbench for use when
    standing up.  Installed and removed easily.  Stows under v-berth.

Energizer 3-LED or 1 Watt LED Headlight
    Wear it during night watch or while working in the engine room.  So light weight you forget you are wearing it  and the white or red
    light on demand is extremely handy whether trying to find the hot chocolate at 2am with losing night vision or inspecting the
    genset and needing a little more illumination than is provided by the engine room lights.