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    Overall, it was a mixed experience with KKMI.  Their yard is very capable and can do just about anything.  They have lots
    of knowledge, some exceptionally experienced people and work on some amazing big boats.  More or less, everything
    they fixed has worked fine and I am particularly impressed with their diesel mechanics.  The yard, however, is very
    expensive and the way they handle their time charging and manage the jobs makes it extremely difficult and frustrating to
    manage costs, especially when exploratory work is involved and multiple projects on the boat are underway at the same
    time.  Further, they did not exhibit a consistent level of care for the boat.  On several occasions I was appalled to discover
    dirt, footprints, work debris and minor cosmetic nicks left by careless workmen, I was not impressed with their bottom job
    and the teak work could definitely have been better -- not what you would expect from a premium yard.  I believe that you
    can get quality work done at a not-ridiculous price at KKMI, but based on my experience you'll really need to very carefully
    manage what is going on, day by day, detail by detail.

The Hitlist
2005 09 29 -- Items requiring maintenance or repair:

  • Side-Power bow thruster inoperable (loud ratcheting noise = gear problems)
  • Need protective structure around bow thruster motor in bow sail locker
  • Diesel engine won't accelerate beyond 1000 rpm
  • Navtec backstay adjuster leaking fluid
  • Removable inner forestay chafing on spreader
  • Exterior varnished teak in need of refinishing
  • Topsides in need of compounding and waxing
  • Simrad IS11 knotmeter transducer not operating (work to be performed by West Marine Maritime Electronics @ KKMI yard)
  • Replace cutlass bearing
  • Routine Yanmar aux engine service
  • Routine Fischer Panda genset service
  • Hatch leaks (discovered when waves over the bow exiting the Strait of Juan de Fuca)
  • Add dedicated 2nd comm line for RS-232 Nobeltec upload/download to Garmin GPS-192C (West Marine Maritime
  • Refinish engine exhaust flange

At the same time, the Furlex hydraulic headstay furler, which failed immediately upon taking ownership of the boat in Seattle,
was removed by Jack Scullion Yacht Services and forwarded to
Selden for, hopefully, a warranty repair on the gearing.

The Outcome - 2005 11 11

Cannot say enough about how Selden came through for me.  Completely amazing customer service resulting in a factory repair
of my Furlex headsail furling unit.  Without going into the details, let me just say that this is the absolutely the best customer
experience I've ever had with a marine vendor, and I cannot recommend Selden enough.

Work completed by KKMI and West Marine Maritime Electronics:

  • Headsail furler (warranty rebuild by Selden at factory in Sweden) re-installed, including new hydraulic fittings
  • Entire lower drive unit on Side-Power bow thruster replaced
  • Diesel engine
  • Fuel injection pump removed, serviced by Diamond Diesel, and reinstalled
  • Water pump replaced (new pump installed, existing pump kept as a spare)
  • Cooling system flushed
  • Rust spots touched up
  • Valves adjusted
  • Propeller shaft coupling bolts tightened
  • Navtec backstay adjuster rebuilt (new seals and piston rod)
  • Inner forestay replaced, leather chafe protection installed on forestay
  • Teak cockpit trim varnished (many areas stripped to bare wood to build a proper base)
  • Topsides compounded and waxed; blemish on cabin trunk gelcoat repaired
  • New Simrad knotmeter transducer installed (required new thru-hull as IS11 is no longer supported and the replacement
    transducer requires larger thru-hull)
  • Cutlass bearing replaced
  • Hatch leaks repaired (rebedding and re-installing gaskets addressed the issues)
  • Added 2nd GPS comm line (West Marine Maritime Electronics)
  • Engine exhaust flange refinished and reinstalled