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First-time Sailing on KEWA in San Francisco Bay and Vicinity
San Francisco Bay is a fantastic place to sail and KEWA is an extremely robust sailboat, designed and outfitted to literally sail
around the world.  Your sail on-board KEWA will be, first and foremost, safe, and then a whole lot of fun!

The Bay Area can be foggy and is relatively cold, probably averaging in the mid to upper 50's degrees F year around.  In the
summer, it virtually never rains and is quite windy with sustained winds of 20 - 30 knots almost guaranteed in the afternoons and
evenings.  In the winter, unless there is a storm, the winds settle down quite a bit and it is generally clearer.  No matter what time of
year it is, you need to dress in layers so you can easily adjust your clothing to be comfortable -- t-shirt, warm shirt, long pants, fleece
or other middle layer and then a robust outer jacket to break the wind and spray.  Especially if we are venturing outside the Golden
Gate Bridge, you need an outer layer that will keep you warm and dry in cold and potentially pretty wet conditions -- 50 degree
temperatures, strong wind, waves crashing over the bow, sheets of spray.   You also need to bring proper footwear.  
No hard or
dark soles
.  Topsiders or tennis shoes work well.  If we are heading out of the Gate, in addition to life jackets, harness and tethers
are in order.  KEWA is well-equipped, but bring your own gear if you have it or check with us before we head out to make sure
we've got you covered.

At the dock it may be very warm and calm, but once we leave it might feel downright cold and be knock-you-off-your-feet windy.  As
mentioned above, it also may be wet and maybe even very foggy.  The Bay is protected, which means that although the winds are
often very strong, you don't get big waves or any ocean swell.  If we go outside the Gate, you will immediately feel the ocean and,
depending on the conditions that day, you'll experience much larger waves, including ocean swell.  Consider your potential
susceptibility to seasickness and consult us ahead of time if you have questions about avoidance strategies.  There are several
good ones, however they generally require being administered well before we leave the dock.

We have all the necessary safety and communications gear, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, etc., that might be required.  Just bring
clothing and shoes as discussed above, sunglasses and maybe your camera.  We never turn someone away who is bearing wine
or beer, although we're usually pretty well stocked up in that department so you won't go thirsty no matter what.  Same with snack